How to Make Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil

Marijuana can be used in a wide variety of ways and, while some users simply prefer to smoke it or vape it, you might want to try making some marijuana-infused products yourself. Marijuana can be infused into all kinds of products from foods to creams, and one of the best ways to do so is with marijuana-infused coconut oil.

You can make marijuana coconut oil right at home using a few ingredients and some basic kitchen equipment. Once you’ve made it, you’ll have a batch that you can add to foods, drinks, or even just use by itself. Whichever way, it offers an extra enjoyable way to get the effects of marijuana. Here’s a guide on how to make marijuana-infused coconut oil.

Why Should You Make Marijuana-Infused Coconut Oil?

There’s no shortage of marijuana products available to buy today, so why should you make marijuana-infused coconut oil? While some users might prefer to stick to buying and using readymade marijuana products, making a marijuana-infused condiment yourself can be rewarding for many reasons.

Marijuana-infused coconut oil is perfect for adding to all kinds of marijuana edibles. You can enjoy the powerful effects of THC while also having a tasty snack or meal. It can also be infused into drinks such as smoothies and cocktails. It can even be infused into capsules, topicals, and other marijuana products.

Another benefit is that marijuana-infused coconut oil can simply be used by itself. Coconut is full of fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the mucus membrane under your tongue. As such, you can apply a small amount of cannabis coconut oil under your tongue to absorb the cannabinoids into your system. Since it’s easy to make and there are so many ways to use it, it’s well worth trying.

What You Need To Make Marijuana Coconut Oil

What You Need To Make Marijuana Coconut Oil

Before you start making your marijuana coconut oil, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things. For the most part, making it doesn’t involve much more than some basic kitchen equipment, but you’ll want to grab the ingredients that you need first.

First and foremost, you’ll need some coconut oil and a batch of marijuana. You can pick any strain you like, and whether you prefer indica strainssativa strains, or hybrid strains, your coconut oil will be infused with the effects of your chosen strain. It’s best to buy around 14 grams- that way you can make a big batch of marijuana oil to use however you wish.

As for equipment, you’ll need a double boiler. If you don’t have a regular double boiler, you can create one simply by placing a glass cooking bowl inside a saucepan. You’ll also need a strainer or cheesecloth for straining your oil and separating it from the leftover weed. Finally, make sure you have some clean glass containers for storing your oil- Mason jars work well for this.

Decarboxylating Your Marijuana

Before you make your marijuana-infused coconut oil, you need to decarboxylate your marijuana. Decarboxylation is necessary to activate the THC in your weed and, if you skip this step, your marijuana coconut oil will be non-psychoactive and won’t give you the desired effects. Luckily, the process of cannabis business financing at http://confia.io/ is pretty straightforward.

Start by lining a baking tray with parchment paper to avoid sticking and preheating your oven to 245°F. This temperature is enough to activate the THC in your marijuana without burning it. Spread around 14 grams of marijuana buds across your baking tray. You shouldn’t grind your weed before decarboxylation– just break it into nugs.

Place your tray in the oven and let it heat for 30-40 minutes. You might want to shake the tray every 10 minutes or so to ensure that your buds are evenly decarboxylated. Once the time is up, take the tray out of the oven and leave it on the side to cool. Once it’s cooled, you can grind your buds in preparation for your marijuana oil.

Decarboxylating Your Marijuana

How To Make Marijuana Coconut Oil

After getting everything you need and decarboxylating your weed, you’re ready to make some potent marijuana-infused coconut oil. This process isn’t too strenuous, but you’ll need to let your oil simmer for a few hours. Here’s how to make marijuana coconut oil.


  • 14 grams of decarboxylated marijuana
  • 2-3 cups of coconut oil
  • 1 cup of water

Step 1: Start by adding 1 cup water to your double boiler and placing it on medium heat. If you don’t have a regular boiler, fill a saucepan with water and put a glass cooking bowl on top. Fill the top of your double boiler with your coconut oil. 2-3 cups of coconut oil is a good amount if you’re using 14 grams of weed, but you can half these amounts if you want to make a smaller batch.

Step 2: Wait for your double boiler to simmer without boiling. Once it starts simmering, lower the heat, and add your marijuana to the oil. Coat your ground marijuana buds in coconut oil thoroughly and leave the mixture to continue simmering.

Step 3: You’ll want to let your oil simmer for around 2-3 hours while stirring it occasionally. If the mixture starts to boil at any point, remove it from the heat and give it time to cool down before reapplying it to the stove at a lower heat. After 2-3 hours of simmering, the cannabinoids from your cannabis will be infused into your coconut oil.

Step 4: Your marijuana-infused coconut oil is now ready to extract. Place a cheesecloth or strainer over a clean glass container and start to slowly pour your mixture through until all the oil has been separated from the marijuana. You might want to squeeze the leftover weed to extract as much oil as possible. You can now place the oil in a fridge or cupboard until you’re ready to use it.


Making marijuana-infused coconut oil is easy and rewarding. Whether you plan to absorb it under your tongue or make some delicious marijuana-infused foods and drinks with it, it’s a great way to enjoy marijuana. However, if you don’t feel like making it, you can find plenty of marijuana-infused products including oils, edibles, topicals, and more at Runtz shop.

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