Cannabis 101: Regular vs Infused Pre-Rolls

Cannabis is now easier than ever to buy in Canada, especially as you can buy weed online for convenient home delivery anywhere in the country. Consumers also have plenty of options. While some users may prefer buying Cannabis Flower and some may prefer alternative products such as Edibles or Tinctures, Cannabis Pre-Rolls are one of the best options for convenience.

Pre-Rolls are pre-rolled joints that you can simply light and start smoking without any hassle. You can buy these in various types of strains to suit your needs, and there are also different types of pre-rolls. For instance, if you want something stronger than regular pre-rolls, you might want to try infused pre-rolls, which add the effects of Cannabis Oils. Here’s a guide to regular vs. infused pre-rolls and everything else you need to know about pre-rolls.

What Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

Cannabis Pre-Rolls are an excellent option for buyers who want to smoke weed without any hassle. Instead of buying loose quantities of Cannabis Flower, which you then have to grind and roll into joints, you can simply buy a pre-rolled joint filled with your strain of choice. After that, all you have to do is light up and start enjoying the effects.

Although some users might enjoy the ritual of rolling joints themselves, buying pre-rolls comes in handy in many situations. For instance, if you’re feeling lazy and don’t feel like going through the effort of rolling joints, a pre-roll can come in handy. It’s also great for when you’re smoking on-the-go and don’t want to carry your grinder, rolling papers, and everything else with you. Instead, all you need is one pre-rolled joint.

You might have to pay a little more for a pre-roll than you would for the same quantity of loose weed, but you can also save money on buying rolling papers, as well as the other accessories you need for effective rolling. You can get regular cannabis pre-rolls in all types of strains, whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid effects. However, you might also want to check out infused pre-rolls.

What Are Infused Pre-Rolls

What Are Infused Pre-Rolls?

While most Cannabis Pre-Rolls simply contain weed and nothing else, there’s also the option of Infused Pre-Rolls. These are less commonly found but they’re a good option for users who want something stronger than a regular joint without having to roll it themselves.

Infused Pre-Rolls are Cannabis Pre-Rolls with a twist. Not only do they contain plenty of weed, but the weed is enhanced with the effects of Cannabis Oil. Many Infused Pre-Rolls infuse the Cannabis Flower with CO2 Oil or Hash Oil, resulting in a powerful joint with much higher THC levels.

However, Infused Pre-Rolls aren’t just useful for those who want a joint with extra THC. Some Infused Pre-Rolls infuse the Cannabis Flower with CBD Oil. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is often used as an alternative to medical cannabis. As such, users who want extra medical benefits may prefer a CBD-infused pre-roll.

Regular vs. Infused Pre-Rolls: Which Is Better For You?

Whether you should use Regular or Infused Pre-Rolls depends on what kind of effects you’re looking for. Although Infused Pre-Rolls might seem like a more attractive option due to their enhanced effects, there are also many benefits to simply using Regular Cannabis Pre-Rolls.

If you’re looking to get high and nothing else, Regular Pre-Rolls will work just fine. These are available in many different strains, so even if you’re looking for stronger effects, you can simply choose a pre-roll that uses a high-THC strain.

With that said, Infused Pre-Rolls can offer a unique and interesting high. If you want a new experience, a pre-roll infused with Hash Oil can offer an excellent high. CBD-infused pre-rolls are also great for medical users. However, Infused Pre-Rolls are often more expensive and harder to find.

It’s worth noting that you can also make infused joints yourself. Instead of buying an infused pre-roll, you can heat some Hash Oil and slather your joint in it. Alternatively, you can roll joints and add a dose of Cannabis Concentrates such as Shatter or Wax for enhanced effects.

Should You Buy Pre-Rolls Or Cannabis Flower?

You might also wonder whether it’s worth buying pre-rolls as opposed to buying Cannabis Flower yourself. Pre-Rolls make an excellent choice for users who don’t know how to roll or users who don’t enjoy the rolling process- but they can also come in handy even if you’re used to rolling joints.

The main benefit of buying Cannabis Pre-Rolls is convenience. Not only will you not have to waste time on rolling joints, but you won’t have to spend money on rolling papers and the other accessories you need for rolling. Sometimes when you want to get high, having a tightly-packed, professionally-rolled joint is the best option.

With that said, you might prefer to buy Cannabis Flower if you enjoy rolling joints. It’s also a better option if you prefer using a Bong, Pipe, or Vaporizer for consuming weed. You can also get big savings on Cannabis Flower when you buy in high quantities, so if you’re looking to stock up on weed, this is usually the better option.

Where To Buy Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Where To Buy Cannabis Pre-Rolls

If you’re interested in Cannabis Pre-Rolls, you can buy high-quality pre-rolled joints online right here at Runtzshop. No matter what kind of effects you’re looking for, there are plenty of options available to suit every user.

Some users may prefer to buy a single pre-roll, such as the indica-dominant Caviar Pre-Roll. Alternatively, you might want to grab a pack of pre-rolls. The RS Premium Pre-Roll Indica 3-Pack is perfect for when you want pure relaxation, whereas the RS Premium Pre-Roll Hybrid 3-Pack is better for balanced effects.

You can also buy pre-rolled blunts. These offer a unique and flavorful experience with enjoyable, powerful hits. For a soothing high, try the Premium All-Flower Indica Baxter Blunts. Alternatively, try the Premium All-Flower Sativa Baxter Blunts for a more stimulating and energizing high.


Cannabis Pre-Rolls are a prime option when you want a high-quality joint without having to spend the time, effort, and money needed to get one. Infused Pre-Rolls are pre-rolled joints infused with Cannabis Oils, giving you an enhanced high. Both of these are good options, although Regular Pre-Rolls will suit most user’s needs.

Whether you prefer to buy Cannabis Pre-Rolls, Cannabis Flower, or other types of products such as Cannabis Concentrates, Edibles, and Tinctures, you can find everything you need online at RuntzShop.

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