Types of Weed: Dank, Top-Shelf, Mid-Grade, Bad Reggie Weed Overview

Long gone are the days where marijuana users would have to settle for whatever their dealer gave them. Now, buying weed is legal throughout Canada and it’s easier than ever to find high-quality buds at excellent prices. What’s more, there are many types of weed available to choose from.

When you buy weed online or in a cannabis store, you can now choose the strain you want based on its quality. Cannabis connoisseurs who want the freshest, tastiest weed possible can select a top-shelf strain whereas those who want lower prices may opt for Mid-Grade weed. Of course, Low-Grade Weed is also out there for users who aren’t concerned about quality.

Not only are strains separated by their quality, but you’ll also notice that they’re often categorized by whether they’re indicia, sativa, or hybrid strains. While regular weed consumers will be familiar with each type of weed, beginners may want to know the difference. As such, here’s a guide to the many qualities and types of weed you can buy and where to buy them.

What Is Dank/Top-Shelf Weed?

There are many names for high-quality weed. You might know it as Top-Shelf Weed, AAAA or AAAAA Grade Weed, Premium Weed, Primo, Loud, or Dank Weed. These terms are used to refer to buds that are fresh, potent, and covered in sticky trichomes. These are all indicators that your weed has been looked after properly and will give you an excellent high.

In terms of appearance, you can expect Top-Shelf Weed to look fresh and colorful since its leaves and hairs haven’t faded. For instance, some strains will have eye-catching orange pistils whereas some will have deep purple hues. You can also expect your buds to be covered in sparkly trichomes. These are the small, crystal-like bulbs that contain much of the THC.

When you hold it in your hand, Top-Shelf Weed will feel sticky due to the freshness of the trichomes. You’ll likely also notice that Dank Weed has a strong aroma straight out of the bag as it has retained its terpenes- the components that give each strain a unique smell and taste. It’ll also burn smoothly and evenly and feel smooth when you inhale it, as opposed to poor-quality strains which often feel extra-harsh on your lungs.

The effects will also feel especially strong. Since Top-Shelf Weed has been dried, cured, and stored appropriately, it’ll be at the height of its potency and you’ll get a pronounced psychoactive high. Although buying high-quality weed will cost you more, it’s worth it for cannabis enthusiasts who want the best experience possible.

What Is Mid-Grade Weed

What Is Mid-Grade Weed?

If you want to spend slightly less on your weed and don’t mind taking a slight cut in quality, then Mid-Grade Weed is perfect for you. The attributes of Mid-Grade Weed can vary significantly depending on your standards, but in general, Mid-Grade Weed is still fresh and powerful- just not quite as impressive as Top-Shelf Weed.

Mid-Grade Weed will still retain much of its colorful hairs and leaves, but the colors will be slightly faded in comparison to the dankest strains of weed. You’ll still notice red, purple, and orange hairs, but they won’t pop out quite as much. It’s more dry compared to High-Quality Weed, but it isn’t brittle and it won’t crumble in your hands like Reggie Weed.

You shouldn’t expect the trichomes to be shiny and sparkly when you buy Mid-Grade Weed. However, Mid-Grade Weed can still pack dense buds with impressive trichome coverage. It’ll also still have a strong scent- especially if you buy particularly pungent strains. The flavor and taste won’t be quite as pronounced as what you’d get with Top-Shelf Weed, but unless you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you might not notice much of a difference.

Mid-Grade Weed can still pack high levels of THC and you can still get a strong high when you smoke Mid-Grade Weed. Although the smoke might feel a little harsher compared to Top-Shelf Weed, it gets the job done and saves you money. For most cannabis users, Mid-Grade Weed is perfectly acceptable and, unless you’re picky about the freshness and flavor of your weed, you’ll find AA or AAA Grade Weed strong and satisfying.

What Is Bad/Reggie Weed?

At the lowest rung of the weed quality ladder, you have Reggie Weed. You might also hear other names for Low-Quality Weed, such as Dirt Weed, Ditch Weed, Schwag, or Bunk Weed. This usually refers to the dry, seedy bud you’d get from a street dealer. While you’re unlikely to find Reggie Weed in dispensaries, some might sell leftover Low-Quality Shake at a serious discount.

Reggie Weed refers to buds that have lost practically all of their quality. It’ll look dry, weak, and bland with faded colors and no trichomes to speak of. Reggie Weed is often covered in seeds or stems without much Cannabis Flower, which makes it much harder to smoke as well as being much less satisfying.

While Reggie Weed still carries a strong scent, the scent will be much more generic and you won’t experience the rich scent profiles of Mid-Grade or Top-Shelf Weed. Likewise, when you smoke it, the flavor will be fairly bland and unsatisfying. What’s more, smoking it can often leave you coughing and wheezing due to the stems and seeds it contains.

You can still get high when smoking Dirt Weed, but it’ll take more hits and the high won’t be quite as satisfying as what you’d get with higher quality buds. You’ll usually feel lazy and hungry. Reggie Weed can also induce headaches due to the low-quality smoke it produces. While you can find some Low-Quality Weed that still gives you a good high, despite being less fresh and colorful, you should avoid Reggie Weed that’s packed with stems and seeds.

What Quality Of Weed Should You Buy

What Quality Of Weed Should You Buy?

When it comes to the quality of weed, the type you should buy depends on what exactly you’re looking for. High-Quality or Top-Shelf Weed is ideal for cannabis connoisseurs who want to experience the fresh flavor and potent effects of their favorite strains in full force. However, Mid-Grade Weed will still give you plenty of flavor and potency at a lower price.

You’ll notice that when you buy from a cannabis store or online dispensary, strains are often graded with letter grades. A Grade is the lowest-quality of weed, usually used to refer to leftover shake or low-quality dry and brittle buds. AA Grade and AAA Grade Weed refer to Mid-Grade Buds. These are perfect if you’re not sure where to start. AAAA Grade and AAAAA Grade buds are exceptional, high-quality strains that are sure to leave cannabis snobs satisfied.

Reggie Weed or Dirt Weed is usually sold by unreliable street dealers and should be avoided at all costs. While you can occasionally buy Low-Quality Weed at stores and dispensaries for a discount, you should avoid Dirt Weed that contains more seeds and stems than it does Cannabis Flower.

What Is Indica Weed?

The types of weed available to buyers don’t just differ in terms of quality. Consumers can also choose whether they want an Indica, sativa, or hybrid marijuana strain. These refer to the types of cannabis plants the strains are harvested from, but there are also differences in the effects they produce.

Indica strains are marijuana strains that come from cannabis Indica plants. These plants are easy to grow indoors and, as such, you’ll find plenty of Indica strains on the market. Each strain has a unique appearance and aroma, and they can come in any quality. 

These strains are known for inducing a more relaxing and body-focused high compared to sativa strains. If you need a good strain to help you kick back in the evening and relieve stress, Indica strains are ideal for the occasion. They’re also commonly used at night to help with sleep due to their sedative effects. 

Indica strains can also help with various medical issues- especially physical ailments. Due to the soothing physical high they produce, they’re often used to counteract pain, inflammation, and headaches. They can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia by calming your mind.

What Is Indica Weed

What Is Sativa Weed?

Sativa weed refers to Cannabis Flower that comes from cannabis sativa plants. Cannabis sativa plants take longer to grow than indica plants and are better suited to outdoor growing. However, they can produce plenty of great weed.

Compared to indica strains, sativa strains are seen as being more stimulating and energizing. The effects are particularly head-focused, making them great for users who want a cerebral psychoactive experience. They’re commonly used in the morning or throughout the day due to their uplifting effects. 

Sativa strains generally make you feel happy, creative, and mentally-focused. They can heighten your senses and induce a sense of euphoric optimism. They’re great for social situations as they’ll make you talkative and giggly. They’re also useful for helping with creative pursuits, such as writing or making music. 

They’re also used for therapeutic purposes- especially when it comes to dealing with mental health issues. Their uplifting effects are especially helpful for counteracting stress, anxiety, and depression. They can also help with chronic fatigue and pain.

What Is Hybrid Weed

If you can’t decide whether you’d prefer an indica or sativa strain of weed, there’s also a third option. Hybrid weed is made by crossing indica and sativa cannabis to create a plant with the genetics of both types. The marijuana harvested from these plants can give you a mix of indica and sativa effects. 

Hybrid strains can vary widely in their genetic makeup. Indica-dominant strains will generally give you a strong physical high with a nice burst of cerebral energy, whereas sativa-dominant strains induce a largely head-focused high albeit with relaxing physical qualities. You can also find balanced hybrid strains with an even ratio of indica and sativa genetics. 

These strains are ideal for users who want balanced and versatile effects. They can be physically relaxing and mentally uplifting at the same time, and there are many fantastic hybrid strains to choose from.

They can also be great for medical users as they provide a range of physical and mental benefits. For instance, a 50:50 hybrid strain can be useful for dealing with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and headaches all at the same time without being too overwhelmingly sedating or stimulating.

How To Buy Weed

How To Buy Weed

No matter what type of weed you’re looking for, the best way to get it is to buy weed online. Although you can now buy weed in various cannabis stores, buying online allows you to get the exact type of weed you want with convenient home delivery anywhere in Canada.

Runtzshop offers a massive range of marijuana strains, all available for delivery across the country. Marijuana users looking for the freshest and most potent weed can check out our Top-Shelf strains, whereas those who want lower prices can browse from a selection of satisfying Mid-Grade strains.

You can also choose based on the kind of effects you’re looking for. Plenty of indica strains are available for when you want a relaxing and soothing physical high, whereas those who want a more stimulating high can check out our range of sativa strains. There are also many great hybrid strains to choose from.

Weed is far from your only option- you can also choose from a range of other top-notch marijuana products. Those who want powerful effects can try out Marijuana Concentrates or Marijuana Edibles. Those who want a convenient way to consume THC can check out our Marijuana Tinctures and Vapes. You can also find Topicals, CBD Products, and more.


Weed can come in various strains with unique appearances, scents, and effects. Weed can also vary significantly in quality. Top-shelf weed is fresh, potent, and laden with colorful hairs and trichomes. In contrast, Bad Reggie Weed is dry, brittle, and won’t be as flavorful and potent as higher quality buds.

To make sure you get the exact type and quality of weed you’re looking for, you can buy weed online. That way, you can browse between all kinds of strains and read product descriptions and reviews to make the right choice. For tons of marijuana strains and other marijuana products, check out Runtzshop

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