10 Reasons Why Smoking Weed and Working Out Works

Weed often has a reputation for making users lazy, couch-locked, and tired. However, it turns out that isn’t always the case. A study from CU Boulder even found that over 80% of cannabis users found that using cannabis helped with their workouts. It turns out that these users even tended to work out more often each week when using cannabis. So why is it that smoking weed and working out works?

There are many reasons you might want to pair weed with working out. Medically speaking, it’s known for helping users with issues such as pain, inflammation, depression, headaches, and insomnias- all issues which can impact your physical health as well as your mental health. What’s more, some strains of weed can even improve your energy and focus, both of which can lead to better workouts.

That’s not to say you should get high as a kite before hitting the gym. Most users find that using weed either before or after a workout is the best approach. Some users even use it both before and after. Both of these approaches can have advantages and it often depends on what kind of exercise you enjoy and what works best for you. Here are some of the top reasons why smoking weed and working out might work for you.

1. Marijuana Relieves Pain

One of the most common medical uses of marijuana is to relieve pain. When you use marijuana, it interacts with receptors in your body and brain to reduce the sensation of pain and relieve inflammation. As such, many patients with conditions associated with chronic or severe pain use marijuana as an alternative treatment.

However, these soothing effects aren’t only useful for users suffering from painful conditions. It can also help users who workout often. Physical activity can often result in strains and aches throughout the body. Using marijuana after a workout can help relieve these issues and make your body feel soothed and relieved.

It’s important to note that marijuana shouldn’t be used as a sole treatment for serious issues such as injuries from sports or exercise. However, the physically calming effects of weed can help in conjunction with things like physical therapy. But if you’re simply looking for something to relieve sore, aching muscles, smoking weed after working out can work wonders.

Marijuana Can Improve Your Focus

2. Marijuana Can Improve Your Focus

If you want a boost in mental focus and energy before working out, then some strains of marijuana can work surprisingly well. A Harvard study found that marijuana helped improve cognitive functions in users. After using marijuana for a few months, participants performed better on mental tasks as well as completing them faster.

This boost in cognitive functioning doesn’t just help with mental pursuits. Many users will find that a boost in mental function helps them perform better in sports. Even in activities such as running or resistance training, users may find that a small dose of marijuana helps them stay on track without getting bored or losing focus.

With that said, it’s important to choose your strain carefully. While some strains are known for their stimulating effects, others are known to make you lazy and unfocused. Sativa strains are usually the best choice for boosting your mental energy. Try using a small dose for mental stimulation before a workout to see if it helps you.

3. Marijuana May Increase Your Energy

As well as making your mind function better, some strains of marijuana may also help stimulate you physically. Naturally, it’s important to stay away from sedating strains and you shouldn’t smoke too much before exercising. However, in some cases, weed may give you the physical boost you need to improve your workout.

Many users find that sativa strains give them an uplifting and stimulating high, both mentally and physically. When you feel your blood rushing and your mind working faster, you’ll be much more inclined to go for a workout. Try not to use too much though- high doses of marijuana are more likely to leave you feeling lazy and couch-locked.

As previously noted, a study from CU Boulder found that cannabis helped some users workout more often. As long as you use it wisely and find the best strains for increasing your energy, you might find your workouts improving after a quick smoking session.

4. Marijuana Helps You Sleep Better

While exercise and diet are both important for improving your physical health, sleep is equally as important. Getting a good night of sleep is essential for workout recovery as it helps repair broken down muscles and improves your overall physical and mental wellbeing. This is another area where smoking weed can help.

Many strains of weed, especially indica strains, are great for improving your sleep. Not only can they help relieve your mind of stress and worries, but they also relax you physically making it much easier to drift off. Especially when taken in high doses, these strains can help you sleep for longer, therefore helping your body recover.

If you’re looking to improve your sleep, it’s best to smoke weed after a workout instead of before one. Not only will sleeping help repair your muscles and relieve aches and strains, but you’ll also wake up feeling fresh and motivated in the morning, ready for another workout.

Marijuana Helps You Sleep Better

5. Marijuana Relieves Depression And Increases Motivation

As well as helping with physical ailments, marijuana is often used to relieve mental issues. For instance, many users smoke weed to help relieve symptoms of depression. A study on using marijuana for mood disorders found that just two puffs of marijuana could swiftly relieve depression.

As well as having a positive effect on your mental health in general, these effects can also help improve your workouts. One of the common symptoms of depression is a lack of motivation. You’ll have a hard time getting up and going for a run or hitting the gym if you’re feeling low on energy and motivation.

Since just a small amount of marijuana can help reduce these symptoms, it can also help you exercise more often. Of course, you’ll still need to give yourself a push. Keep in mind that marijuana won’t heal depression- but it can make many of the issues that come along with it easier to deal with and give you some extra daily motivation.

6. Marijuana Can Reduce Anxiety And Stress

As well as helping with depression, research shows that marijuana can also help reduce anxiety and stress. It only takes a couple of puffs of weed to help reduce these symptoms and it may even help you improve your workouts.

Users who suffer from anxiety disorders often have a hard time motivating themselves to exercise- especially if that involves going to the gym. By taking the edge off and calming your mind, weed can make you more likely to have a successful workout without letting anxiety hold you back. High-CBD strains are particularly helpful, and another study even found that CBD may help reduce social anxiety.

Daily stress can also make you less likely to work out. If you get home from work feeling mentally exhausted, a few puffs of weed can help put you in a much better mood. You may even feel more motivated to push yourself into exercising.

7. Marijuana Is Associated With Lower BMI

Smoking weed often gives you the munchies– a side effect that involves a sharp increase in your hunger and appetite. Many users find this inconvenient and may worry about marijuana making them lose weight. However, studies on long-term marijuana use find that marijuana may even help you lose weight.

Research shows that marijuana is linked to lower rates of obesity, suggesting that marijuana can increase your metabolism. Studies also show that marijuana is linked to lower BMI rates, lower waist circumference, and reduced risk of diabetes. Although marijuana may increase your appetite, these findings suggest it can also have a positive effect on your digestion and help you lose weight in the long run. 

Since losing weight and improving physical health are some of the most common reasons for working out, marijuana use before or after a workout may help with your exercise goals. Of course, it’s best to combine your marijuana use with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine if you want to see the best results.

Marijuana Can Help Protect Your Brain

8. Marijuana Can Help Protect Your Brain

Certain forms of exercise can leave you open to injuries. Not only can you injure your body, but contact sports such as football, boxing, hockey, MMA, and others are often associated with concussions. This is another issue that marijuana may help with.

Some athletes use marijuana to help relieve the pain and inflammation that comes with physical activities. Interestingly, a study also found that marijuana helps with concussion symptoms. Concussions can often cause recurring headaches, migraines, and chronic neurological pain, all of which marijuana use can help with.

Studies also show that cannabinoids have neuroprotective properties, meaning they can help protect the brain from injuries and problems. One study even found that marijuana could help reduce the risk of death in users with traumatic brain injuries. As such, weed use can be helpful for those who regularly take part in contact sports.

9. Marijuana Makes Activities More Rewarding

Many of the reasons for using marijuana and working out revolve around its medical benefits. However, even its recreational effects can be advantageous. When you smoke marijuana, THC heightens your senses and activates reward circuits in your brain. As such, you may find that smoking weed makes working out even more fun and rewarding.

Users who are getting bored with their workout routine might find that a small dose of marijuana helps them enjoy it more. It can make all kinds of physical activities seem more exciting- just try getting high and enjoying the views while going for a run. Plus, the euphoric effects may even make you want to exercise for longer.

Smoking weed before working out may not work for everyone- some users may find that smoking weed makes them less focused during a workout. In these cases, you might want to try smoking after a workout instead. Physical activity often releases hormones that put you in a happy and uplifted mood, and smoking weed can enhance these positive feelings even more.

10. There Are Many Ways To Use Marijuana

If you’re looking to incorporate weed into your workouts, smoking isn’t the only option. Some users may even find that smoking weed is too overpowering and makes them too tired to workout. However, fortunately, there are many different ways to use marijuana while remaining physically active.

For one, there are many different cannabis strains you can try. Some are known for making you feel lazy and couch-locked whereas others are known for stimulating effects. It’s worth trying out a few and seeing which one works the best for your purposes. When you buy weed online, you can view product descriptions and reviews to help you find the right strain.

You can also use different kinds of marijuana-infused products. For instance, using Tinctures helps avoid the drawbacks of smoking. You could also use a microdose of Edibles for mental stimulation. Topicals are often used to help soothe pains and aches. You can also use CBD products– these provide a way to use cannabinoids without getting high.

Keep in mind that using marijuana before a workout isn’t the only option. Many users find that the best results come from using marijuana after working out. That way, you can benefit from the positive impacts of THC and CBD without feeling too high during your workout.

There Are Many Ways To Use Marijuana


There are many reasons why smoking weed and working out can work well for you. Some users find that marijuana helps soothe aches and strains caused by working out. It can also help with recovery by helping you sleep better. Others find that some strains help reduce anxiety and boost their motivation- perfect for a good workout session.

You can incorporate weed with your workouts in many ways. Some use it before whereas others use it after. You can also try different products such as Tinctures or Edibles and use lower doses to avoid getting high or even use CBD products to avoid getting high. You can find all of these products and more at Runtz Shop.

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